Little Nightmares horror game

This is horror game like Scary Maze Game but this is tottly different idea.

RRP: $19.99
Buy from Tarsier Studios
The adult world is probably an unsettling, confusing place from a toddler’s perspective, which seems to have been the inspiration behind Little Nightmares, which proves you don’t have to go gory to inspire fear.
You control Six, a young girl in a bright yellow raincoat, as she navigates a world that sometimes feels like a tanker ship, sometimes a house, sometimes a restaurant, and always sways alarmingly from side to side. Along the way you’ll come across a series of creatures that look like they crawled out of Jim Henson’s worst nightmares.
You’ll have to sneak and hide as you try to get past them, doing your best to ignore the snorting, snuffling noises, or the way their eerily long arms creep along the floor, while you try to get through a world built for people much bigger than you.
What’s most unsettling is sometimes just how eerily domestic it all is. Kitchens and bedrooms take on a new, uncomfortable weight, while even the monsters are only ever seen going about routine, mundane chores.
The platforming is sometimes a little ropey, and the environmental puzzles aren’t up to the level of clear inspirations Limbo and Inside, but the world of Little Nightmares is destined to get right under your skin.








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